The ISSAM, Higher Institute of Automobile Science of Modena, since 1971 trains young graduates who want to prepare themselves for the automotive world.

47 years of success

Since 1971 he has been involved in training with 2 automotive style courses

+950 Students

In forty-seven years we have taught more than 950 students

Qualified personnel

The teachers were trained in the best car industries

No age limit

We put no limits on our students' passion

Dedicated Masters

Graduates on specific subjects of the courses


In recent years it has trained professionals who now work for the most famous Motor Valley houses and in international research centers, as well as in the world of innovation and racing, from Formula 1 to road cars.

The possibility is offered to obtain a thorough knowledge in the field of design, mechanical design of vehicles, through the supervision of highly qualified personnel, currently engaged or with a spent in some of the most prestigious automotive industries, from style centers to centers of research and development for engineering.


The Excellences with which our students collaborated