Stylist Engineering

The objective of this course is to provide a deep and high knowledge in the field of Vehicle Design, through a program of lessons divided into different specific topics.

First year

  • Stylistic technique
  • Graphic and color rendering
  • History of design
  • Mechanical drawing
  • Computerized technical drawing
  • English

Second year

  • Advanced & Virtual design
  • Computer graphics
  • Motorcycle Design
  • Aerodynamics
  • Technical English
  • To sign the courses it is necessary to have obtained a high school diploma
  • Courses are held in Italian
  • There are no age limits
  • Lessons take place from Monday to Friday from November to May
  • Attendance is mandatory
  • The exams take place in three sessions: summer session in June, autumn session in October and extraordinary session in February
  • The final theses are held in December and March
  • The Institute does not provide for colleges
  • The student who at the end of the two-year period has not passed all the exams enters into the off course; in this condition it can remain for only two years